Pokemon: Interstellar Absolution
ending my patreon: changing things up by rym218
December 21st, 2017, 2:37 pm
Basically I'm just feeling the weight of obligation when it comes to working on this project, and that feeling stems from the patreon.

Eventually I realized that it would be much better if i could make this project for fun, just like my older works such as PMDAL before i discontinued it. my ideas to make the series haven't gone away, and i have every intention to continue making PKMN:IA content! It just might not be in the form of a regular comic. as i want to continue trying new things with my art and presentation to keep working on this fun and interesting for me, so that's what i'll probably end up doing~

heres to 2018~!
25 new images in the concept art section! by rym218
June 17th, 2017, 4:48 am
I just now added 25 new images to the concept art section, some of them used to be patreon exclusive, and others have been uploaded in other places of the internet, a good number of the concept art in general were also made when I was working on PMDLG, and are still very much relevant to PKMN:IA's story and lore. I hope you can enjoy looking through it all while filling your minds with curiosity and speculation!

And here's a quick little link to the concept art section. http://pkmn-ia.smackjeeves.com/conceptdonate/

also i made a new affiliate image